Veterinary Acupuncture 
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Useful Veterinary Links:
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  • american holistic veterinary medical association    

  • american academy of veterinary acupuncture  

  • american association of traditional chinese veterinary medicine  

  • veterinary botanical medical association  

  • international veterinary chiropractic association  

  • american veterinary chiropractic association  

  • american veterinary medical association  

  • new york state veterinary medical association  

  • american animal hospital association  

  • veterinary cancer society  

  • cornell feline health center  

  • humane society veterinary medical association  

  • american association of feline health practitioners  

  • college of integrative veterinary therapies  

  • cornell university college of veterinary medicine  

  • canine genetic diseases network  

  • us food and drug administration -animal related  

  • us fda petfood recalls list  

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